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ECO-BEEF - Cutting Plant

Quality and food safety policy

Eco-Beef has a strategic objective to deliver a safe high and continual quality of products and services which will live up to our domestic and foreign clients’ expectations as well as running in accordance with standing regulations. The basic rule of implementing the company’s policy in fulfilling its main target is monitoring of food quality and safety at each production stage. Implementing, maintaining and improvement of the quality system based on requirements of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety v5 norm is a helper to achieve this goal.

The board of directors defined the course of actions with the object of strategic goal accomplishment.

It includes:

1.      technical standards of improvement of infrastructure and equipment
2.      constant monitoring and analysis of clients requirements
3.      continual improvement of qualifications, awareness and a sense of responsibility of the employees
4.      making purchases from approved suppliers
5.      perfecting production methods in order to minimize the risk of quality and the safety of food

The message resulting from the established goals requires constant engagement of all employees of the company, who are obliged to endeavor the given tasks, in its development. The board of directors and all the employees take full responsibility for living up to all food quality expectations, safety and legality.                                                                        

  Szczęsny Koziebrodzki
President of Eco-Beef