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ECO-BEEF - Slaughterhous

Facing an increased demand for Polish beef, Agraimpex created own Limousin cattle breeding program.
At present the herd consists of 500 cattle and in 2013 should reach 1000.
The Limousin breed was chosen due to many advantages of the animals and post-mortem features of the meet after slaughter.

Limousin cattle is popular due to its versatility. The birth usually proceeds without human assistance, the calves are born small. The animals are resistant to unfavourable conditions of the environment. They can be used both extensively and intensively. This breed matures quite early and the herd instinct in the animals is very well developed. Limousin cattle is "economic". It can be fed with feed used in a household. These animals are also famous for their high fertility and excellent slaughter efficiency. The proportion of carcass to fat and bones in adult animals after slaughter is very high (cutting efficiency). Compared to other breeds, the quantity of fat in bones is low. A huge advantage of the breed is its longevity. Often cows have several calves in their lifetimes. Due to a large population, the cattle is genetically differentiated, which facilitates access to new genetic lines. A high percentage of the population has buttock hypertrophy.