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We have prepared a short resume on the "Polish beef" or "beef from Poland" for foreign customers who do not know it.

For your information, Polish beef offers the best quality-price ratio and in terms of natural characteristics of the product, Polish beef rates 1st among customers, who appreciate its organoleptic features, i.e.: tenderness and taste.

The present population of the cattle in Poland reaches 5.7 million animals, which seems little, but 80% is slaughtered for export. This way, Poland is an important meet supplier in countries such as: Italy, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Germany, former Yugoslavia, Russia, Near East.

Our country's strong position on the European market is a result of lower prices offered by Polish producers, who are still seen by foreign customers as desirable suppliers. The prices of Polish beef are approximately 10% lower than the average price per 1 kg of beef in the European Union. It is an incentive that boosts further development of our beef exports.

The main breeds of cattle are: Polish black and white, Polish Holstein, Simmental, Limousin, Charolaise and Hereford.

Commercial determinants of beef carcasses from Poland:

• Weight:
bulls    between 200 kg and 450 kg (average weight 320kg)
cows   between 160 kg and 400 kg (average weight 260kg)
heifers between 180 kg and 350 kg (average weight 260kg)

• Average content of bone in carcass:
bull    19.5 %
cow   21 %
heifer 20 %